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Pop-Up Shop Event at Lakeside Pink

Women Supporting Women

Who is ready to do some SHOPPING at the Pop-Up Shop event at Lakeside Pink on March 27, 2021 from 9AM – 4PM? We know we are!

If you know us, you know how much we love to #shoplocal and support #womenownedbusiness. It’s just what women do for each other – support each other’s businesses in any way possible. If you have a friend who is starting a new venture, you promote the heck out of it on social media and also send their link to friends and family touting how fabulous their product or service is. For example: We found a new lip balm from a local #womanownedbusiness who we are crazy about, so all of our family and friends received a tube of this fabulous lip balm. And don’t get us started on home parties! We are pushovers for home parties and will indeed buy anything you are selling. Our recent purchase was Tupperware. It’s safe to say that if you are having a home party, invite us.

Not to mention, it’s in a woman’s DNA to support each other in business. We all know it is.  Over the years, we have felt that support in so many ways with Nutritious Dining, Brown Box Veggies, Athlete’s Arena alongside with our children’s school fundraisers and endeavors. Above all, we are inspired by many of the women we have met and many have become friends, and some we call family.

Our Pop-Up Shop Favorites

Because we are truly big supporter of women-owned business and purchasing local, we decided to have a Pop-Up Shop event at Lakeside Pink at Lake Murray. Above all, we want to support our friends, our co-workers and our favorite businesses by sharing them and their products with the community. In reality, we have known many of these women for a long time and some we just met recently. Regardless of how long we have known them, we love each and every one of these women and fell in love with their products instantly.

Here is our list of women-owned businesses for the March 27 Pop-Up Shop event at Lakeside Pink.

And these are just a few of our favorites!  Most importantly, we plan to provide a safe environment for everyone which is why we have extended shopping hours (9AM – 4PM) and are following strict guidelines for shopping.

We hope to have more favorites for you to get to know and support in upcoming blog posts and MAYBE in upcoming Pop-Up Shops at Lakeside Pink. Stay tuned!

Bring Your Shopping Bag and Think Safety

With attention to safety, we want to make sure that we are all safe while shopping at the Pop-Up Shop event at Lakeside Pink.  So, please make sure to bring  your mask and visit the sanitation stations located throughout the house. And, don’t forget to bring your shopping bag so that you can pack it full of all the goodies these vendors have to offer. You will not be disappointed!

And did we tell you that the first 100 shoppers will also receive a free gift from Lakeside Pink? As a matter of fact, it’s a PINK surprise too!

We are especially excited about this event and hope you are too. We hope to see you all on March 27!

For more information, contact or DM us on Facebook or Instagram.

Lakeside Pink, 1634 Wildwood Cove Road, Leesville, SC 29070

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