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Waffle for Whitney will not be quarantined

The holidays are right around the corner and we’ve decided that our Thanksgiving tradition of Waffles for Whitney will not be quarantined. 

This year we have put many things on hold while we quarantined during the pandemic. Celebrating birthdays with close friends, supper club with our amazing neighbors, outings to the Nickelodeon to watch a movie and partake in salty popcorn, and a Spring Break trip to New York City with the kiddos. While we still celebrate special occasions with our family, celebrating is not the same since COVID-19. 

Thanksgiving is family time.

Ask us what Thanksgiving means to us and we instantly say “family time”.  It is one holiday we both look forward to each year.  We normally have lots of family from out of state visit beautiful South Carolina and our adulting kids try their best to travel home. It’s one of the holidays where we all get together for a few days to celebrate and give thanks for our beautiful family.

As you may suspect, a few necessary steps are taken in preparing for Thanksgiving. We pull the puzzle tables from their hiding place in the garage and new puzzles are in a pile ready to be put together. Favorite desserts and foods are in the refrigerators and, of course, champagne has long been sampled and purchased for the long-weekend celebration. After Thanksgiving lunch, some of us stare at the puzzle pieces until we find the one that fits, and we share stories about our kiddos. Car shows or whatever football game is playing on the TV (by the way, did you notice the Pittsburg Steelers are having an awesome season!) and, from time to time, there’s talk about how great the wives are. There is enough food to feed a small village. Honestly, this time with our family is always memorable. Family is everything to us.

This year, things will be different on Thanksgiving because of COVID-19 a/k/a the Thanos virus. Likely, no hugs or kisses, lots of handwashing and even a few masks. However, nothing will stop our Saturday-after-Thanksgiving tradition we call Waffles for Whitney, especially the group sing-along to When You Believe.

Our family tradition.

Heather started Waffles for Whitney several years ago. It just made sense since there was such much love for Whitney Houston and Whitney loved waffles. Why not marry the two? Add our favorite beverage and share the night with a bunch of people we absolutely love makes for the best celebration. Imagine beautiful friends gathered together, eating homemade Belgium waffles, buckets of chicken fingers from KFC topped with real maple syrup. In the background, we hear Whitney Houston belting I Will Always Love You. Throw in a few bottles of delightful champagne and everyone is singing along. Magical. Fun. Memorable.

Yes, this year will look a bit different because of the pandemic. Greeting of hugs and kisses will be fist bumps and air kisses, but Waffles for Whitney will go on. Waffles for Whitney will not be quarantined. We are determined to keep this tradition alive because the Greatest Love Of All can be seen through traditions. Especially when they involve family. 

If you have a holiday tradition, share them with us and send pictures. If you don’t happen to have one, start something new this year and maybe even throw your own Waffles for Whitney party! You will have great family fun and make long-lasting memories. We plan to move the Waffles to Whitney party to Lakeside Pink in 2021. We can hardly wait to start planning next year’s Thanksgiving festivities on Lake Murray!

Heather & Holli

Heather & Holli

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